Air Services

The right mix
Aqua Elevation provides a range of air services, including tank filling, air gun tanks and clean air testing. Offering competitive and professional services, they are one of only a few companies recognised by the industry for their skills and knowledge. Accredited by HSE they can also offer clean air testing to other retailers.

Tank filling
With a filling station on-site, customers experience a safe and efficient service. With the capacity to fill cylinders with nitrox (oxygen and air) or trimix (air, oxygen and helium), the service means divers can experience the deepest of waters. The compressor can fill up to a pressure of 300 Bar.

Air Gun Tanks
Smaller air tanks are ideal for siphoning off air to fill surface market buoys, for example. As an alternative method to using a divers own air, they are a popular choice of additional equipment. Easy and compact to carry they can be attached to diving equipment and easily re-filled.

Aqua Elevation offer an on-site filling station which re-fills cylinders up to 300 Bar pressure. Ideal for smaller tanks, like air guns, which require higher pressure to fill them, customers receive an efficient and competitive service. Aqua Elevation also manufacture bespoke clips and strapping allowing divers to attach air guns and small tanks to themselves and use them in a way that suits individual diving ability.

Clean Air Testing
Lots of retailers offer a cylinder refill service using an air compressor. Aqua Elevation, however, is one of a few specialist companies legally allowed to annually inspect and test these compressors. The specialist service tests the air for cleanliness and inspects filters, changing them if required. The mobile testing unit offer retailers a flexible and convenient approach to clean air testing, which they are required to do by law. Normally taking an hour, the service can be booked one to two weeks in advance.