Future proofing
Aqua Elevation provide specialist maintenance services to trade and retail customers who need cylinder servicing and testing, regulatory services, wet and dry suit repairs or battery packs made up or changed.

Air services uses the same standards and regulations as IDEST which are the main test house  inspectorate company for cylinder testing, they are one of a few organisations approved for this specialist work accredited by Health and Safety Commissioner, is an independent organisation set up to establish acceptable standards for the servicing and testing of sport diving equipment.

Tank Testing
All tanks are hydraulically tested and or visually inspected in accordance with these standard rulings. Undertaken in a safe environment tanks are O2 cleaned for nitrox which is oxygen enriched air, which allows them to be used with trimix, a mixture of air, oxygen and helium. In addition to essential maintenance, customers can take advantage of the refinishing service and get cylinders zinc coated, repainted or personalised.

Regulatory Service
Aqua Elevation provides a breathing regulator service to both retail and trade customers. Experts in their field, regulators are scrutinised for signs of discolouring and deposits of rust or aluminium oxide. Dismantled during inspection, all o-rings are replaced, every part is cleaned using approved solutions and degreasers, before specialist compound lubricants are added and re-assembly takes place. With knowledge in all makes and models, they ensure apparatus is serviced according to manufacturer's guidelines. Apparatus includes first stage, which fixes to the tank, second stage, which comes off and goes to the mouth, the octopus rig, which is the spare, plus the emergency piece that remains on the diver.

Wet & Dry Suit repairs
Aqua Elevation can service all makes of wet and dry suits. With the knowledge to resize, repair or replace zips, cuffs, neck seals and even the soles of boots, divers are assured no more leaks. Inflator and dump valves, that allow air to enter and exit dry suits while submerged, can also be serviced on-site.

Wet suits insulate the body by keeping a thin layer of water next to the skin. Dry suits keep users completely dry. Wet suits are warm and tend to be made of neoprene. Both trilaminate, which needs an undersuit, and neoprene dry suits keep the diver warm using air heated by the body. All suits last a reasonable length of time before repairs are needed. However, salt water is corrosive and frequent wearing can cause vulnerable areas like cuff and neck seals to leak.

Battery changing
Able to offer advice on voltage and usage times, Aqua Elevation make up and supply replacement battery and charging packs for underwater equipment, like torches. This includes an extensive range dedicated to dive computers. With a huge supply of batteries and bulbs, the service includes changing and fitting to help to reduce future equipment failure or leaks.