Good Recovery

Experienced to dive and recover down to 250ft, Aqua Elevation work with both the commercial and private sector. Involved in recovering items of all sizes, including boats, outboards and radios, specialist equipment, like bespoke lift bags, is used to ensure successful retrieval. In addition, established links in the industry means trusted and specialist contractors can be brought in to help with services like barge lifting, pumping and recovering people.

Exploratory dives or remotely operated vehicles survey all sites before work commences. Customers benefit from advice and years of experience, plus cost effective and practical solutions. Every job is assessed based on its unique circumstances. For example, the item may be in a shipping lane and the solution may be to leave it alone, remove or lower to a safer level allowing ships to go over it safely.

Diving for personal pleasure as well allows the recovery of items from ship recks. These artifacts are restored to their former glory and sold on-line to customers which include, interior designer and collectors.