The answer is clear

Can you manufacture tailor made products?

Yes, it is possible to manufacture just about anything to help with diving. If you need to make two items fit together, a bespoke item can be manufactured on-site, to individual specifications. This can include attachment for cylinders, torches or pouches.

Do you do tailor made lifting bags?

Yes, all lifting bags are manufactured on-site and a large percentage are tailor made. It is possible to have them made to a specific size, attach handles or dump valves, have different colours and even include logos or company names. Aqua Elevation can make whatever you want, when you want it. There are also standard sizes available.

Do you service O2 compatible and clean (to be used with oxygen) cylinders?

Yes, as an approved test house for cylinder testing, all O2 and clean cylinders can be serviced. The service includes checking valves for excess or unwanted oils and dirt, plus the application of specialist cleaners and greases.

Can you do repair/resize to diving suits?

Yes, it is possible to take suits in, alter neck and wrist seals to prevent leaks and alter boots that are too big. Is it also possible to add all types of bits and pieces to diving suits, like D-rings for harnesses, to help make the kit work and fit better while diving.

My cylinder needs refilling, can you do this for me?

Yes, all tanks, including air guns, can be re-filled at Aqua Elevations. The filling station allows up to 300 bar pressure and you can have nitrox (oxygen and air) and trimix (air, oxygen and helium) for deep dives.

How deep does your recovery service dive to?

Aqua Elevation will dive to any specified depth, down to 250ft, to explore and recover. Anything deeper can be handled using a remotely operated vehicle, which also offers filming. As well as the company being fully insured, they also offer advice on whether lower, lift or leave.